Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Adrian Houser: #17 in Appalachian League

Baseball America has released its Top 20 Appalachian League prospect list, and Adrian Houser (the Astros' 2nd Round pick in 2011) is #17 - the lone Astro ranked.

Byron Buxton, who went #2 overall in the 2012 draft was the #1 prospect in the Appalachian League, as he was also the #1 prospect in the GCL. This is silly. So if you're like us, and immediately thought, "What the hell? What about Correa - who hit .371/.450/.600 for GreenEville?" Baseball America has an explanation:

Greeneville shortstop Carlos Correa, whom the Astros drafted first overall, batted .371/.450/.600 but his 41 plate appearances weren't enough to qualify for our list.

Anyhow, as a 19-year old, Houser threw 58IP for the Gastros, allowing 53H/27ER, 54K:23BB, with a 4.19 ERA/1.31 WHIP.