Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Would You Rather?

Let's take a look at seven pitchers early work, and you tell me which one you would bet to have the best major league future. If you figure out who any of these players are (at least one should be easy) before I reveal the answers tomorrow, please don't give away the answer. Just refer to them by letter in the comments. If you're dying to know, DM me on twitter and I'll tell you if you're right.

Age Innings ERA WHIP K/BB HR/9 Average Game Score
Pitcher A 24 187 5.43 1.55 1.8 1.2 50
Pitcher B 21 186 5.53 1.45 2.4 1.6 45
Pitcher C 26 180 6.76 1.87 1.2 1.5 39
Pitcher D 22 202 5.36 1.73 1.2 1.2 46
Pitcher E 25 152 5.73 1.5 2.3 1.7 47
Pitcher F 21 172 6.06 1.53 2.0 1.6 44
Pitcher G 21 187 5.59 1.66 1.4 1 43

Pitcher A is Gio Gonzalez
Pitcher B is Jordan Lyles
Pitcher C is Colby Lewis
Pitcher D is Ryan Dempster
Pitcher E is Ted Lilly
Pitcher F is Javier Vazquez
Pitcher G is Greg Maddux

Between the comments and twitter replies, five people voted for Jordan Lyles and one person voted for Ted Lilly.

This was not to say that Lyles will be better than any of them, just to provide a little perspective to those questioning his development based on his results to this point.


Anonymous said...


pacbellpilgrim said...

Could we get strikeouts per innings pitched as well?

Anonymous said...

I'll go with E.

Anonymous said...

I'll go with B.

B and E are pretty close for me stat-wise...the two best WHIPs and K/BB, HR/9 high enough that I'd expect it to come down a bit. Between the two, B is significantly younger, so I'd bet on him.