Monday, August 13, 2012

Tyler Kepner on Crane and the Astros

The New York Times' Tyler Kepner has a solid piece on Jim Crane and the Astros.

Among the creamy nougat center...

Crane, on the actual housecleaning:
“I went through the whole building. I went through every closet. I hauled 14 trailers of junk out of here, just stuff that had piled up. I said, ‘Why is this here?’ Well, nobody had ever cleaned it out. It needed a housecleaning. I can drive an 18-wheeler, so I can back the truck in there if I have to.”

Ed Wade had the depth charts of all 30 MLB teams on his office wall. Jeff Luhnow took them out:
“That board was in the office that I inherited back in December, and one of the first things I did was ask them to take it out. Depth charts are something that I can get online at the stroke of a button.”

Ultimately, there is a lot in the article that gives some insight into how the Astros are thinking, such as avoiding the idea that players can be hot or cold, potential colors, how long the rebuild might take, and Crane saying "We're bigger than Dallas." Which is awesome.


Anonymous said...

The idea that a player is hot or cold is a myth? Uh, OK, if you say so Mr. Luhnow. I am sure there is a poorly conceived statistical analysis to justify that one. Smartest guy in the room.

This type of wisdom will guide the franchise into the future?

Anonymous said...

It helped guide the Cardinals to a championship. Why is there any reason to believe it won't?

As far as first years go, Jeff Luhnow's has been masterful. From the Jed Lowrie (who should have been an all-star) for Mark Melancon swap, bringing in a slew of other organizations top 10 prospects for mediocre veterans and then landing four first round talents (three of which were considered "sure bets" to go to college; McCullers, Phillips and Ruiz)

Nothing to complain about and that was a Jim Crane quote not Jeff Luhnow.

Anonymous said...

It was a Luhnow qoute.

First of all, Luhnow was not the GM of the Cardinals. More related to his actual duties, he only picked only a few of the main contributors on that team. Pujols - no. Holliday - no. Berkman - no. Carpenter - no. It also discounts the managerial ability of LaRussa, who probably didn't suscribe to the nonsense that players don't get hot or cold. That is saber myth. No one that ever played sports actually believes that.

Luhnow may well be the smartest guy around, but that quote isn't an example.

Anonymous said...

You guys are ruining my "Anonymous" name. I'm going to look like a fool going into my "Golden Girls-Fan Fiction site.

John Royal said...

It's nice to see that Ed Wade finally figured out how to turn on a computer. But he still hasn't figured out that whole thing on leaving his name with a comment.