Friday, August 10, 2012

Davey Johnson says Astros are a "good little team"

Want someone to say something nice about the Astros? Turn to Nationals manager Davey Johnson:

(But the Astros) are a good little team. I mean, their record is horrendous, I understand that, but they've got some good little players and they've got some pitchers. They battle you and they don't make a lot of mistakes out there. People can say we were flat coming in here. No. We weren't flat. Those guys got some talent over there too, they battled us every at-bat and this is a ballpark anything can happen in. I was proud of our guys this series. It wasn't flat to me. We battled from the get-go."

There you have it. i guess.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Davey. This season has been a nightmare since the first month and the cheap shots have gotten old. Compliments seem so foreign.

Matt McDougle said...

Davey Johnson is a good man and a good manager. Not an overage juvenile delinquent like the reporters who like to make Astros whenever they have the chance.

Also, IMHO Davey Johnson was the true MVP(Most Valuable Person) of the 1986 NLCS. If he had managing the Astros, the outcome would have been entirely different.

Anonymous said...

*Astros jokes

Reuben said...
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Reuben said...

Well, he's right, the Astros do have some, or at least one "good little player". Does Wesley Wright count?