Saturday, August 11, 2012

Bobby Heck not renewed; Mike Elias promoted

In a surprising news story that came to light during tonight's game, the Astros have elected to not renew the contract of Scouting Director/Assistant GM Bobby Heck. In his place, 29-year-old Yale grad Mike Elias has been promoted.

Elias followed in Jeff Luhnow's tracks from the Cardinals to the Astros, being hired back in January as special assistant to the scouting department. Luhnow on Elias:
"Mike has a keen eye for talent and a unique ability to blend scouting opinions with other valuable information like the players' makeup, performance history or medical risk. I've worked with Mike for many years now and believe his leadership and evaluation skills will help us maximize the output of our drafts for years to come."
Heck, of course, had come to Houston under Ed Wade's watch in 2007, after rebuilding Milwaukee's farm system from one of the worst in baseball to one of the best. Certainly one could (and should) argue that he had much to do with doing the same here, so I hope he'll land on his feet.