Thursday, August 16, 2012

Around the Toronto blog reaction

Whenever a trade goes down involving the Astros, we like to check out the other team's bloggers, just to get a more honest reaction. The Blue Jays' bloggers brought it. Hard.

Drunk Jays Fans:
I’m pretty sure if you’d told me eight months ago that the Jays made this trade I’d have puked my f***ing guts out. Ugh.

Commenter BlueJayWay:
Either a mistake was made in taking Comer with the pick they did last year and signing overslot, or they overpaid in this trade here. Either way….ugh. What happened to our Greek genius?

Commenter Tercet:
The most amazing thing is that we spent roughly 3 million on comer, wojo, and musgrove as supplmental picks. Then we trade them for garbage..

BlueBird Banter:
I, along with many other commenters here, thought that the PTBNL would be some organizational depth guy or maybe a few thousand dollar bills. Losing Kevin Comer in that deal seems to make the price a little too steep to me.