Thursday, August 16, 2012

Alyson Footer is currently ripping Jeff Pearlman a new one and Jeff Pearlman are having a friendly discussion

If you head over to Alyson Footer's twitter feed, you'll find that she is taking Jeff Pearlman (he of the unsourced "Houston was a hotbed for PED use" argument).

Pearlman tweeted late last night:
What!? Melky Cabrera—an otherwise mediocre player who suddenly morphed into Ken Griffey, Jr.—cheated? I'm shocked! Shocked!

To which Footer replied:
As Lance Berkman once said, when a player does something that seems super-human, there’s usually a reason.

And Pearlman wrote back:
But weren't you upset on my Bagwell take, [Alyson]?

The tweets, organized in an easier-to-read manner:
One has nothing to do with the other. My issue with your take on Bags, and a lot of other writers’ takes as well, is how forcefully you call him out, with no proof. Yet I’ve read interviews you’ve conducted with former players on your blog where you proclaim them innocent of any PED use because, well, you just know THEY never used. It’s comical. You don’t know.

We'll update this if it continues but it's interesting that Pearlman decided to turn the conversation to Bagwell when Footer was clearly staying well away from it.

Update: Alyson Footer responded:
"Hate to disappoint but I’m not ripping him a new anything…Jeff & I are friends. He knows my stance on this."


Anonymous said...

Clearly Melky Cabrera is on roids and is the first recorded incident in human history to have improved eyesight and knowledge on how to hit for average because of it.

His homerun totals spiking to 11 are a clear indication of being on the juice.

Clearly we should have more suspicion on Ichiro as well

Terence said...

From 2005-2010 Melky Cabrera had a .112 ISO. In 2011 and '12 he's posted a .165 and .170. I think it's safe to say that the steroids had a non-zero affect on his power. If you then look at career highs in LD% and thus career highs in BABIP, and thus career highs in BA, I have no problem claiming that Melky Cabrera's power and average were both assited by his steroid use. Maybe some of that is psychological, but he gained an unfair advantage somewhere in the process. We'll see how he responds next year.

(Ichiro is having the worst season of his career posting a line of .265/.292/.361. What are you talking about???)

Reuben said...

Melky certainly didn't morph into Griffey Jr., more like Mark Grace or Wade Boggs. I think Terence's take above is spot-on.

Of course, it's somewhat surprising that he ostensibly WASN'T using back when he was a Yankee. He'd have had plenty of teammates to seek advice/distribution from.