Thursday, July 5, 2012

Schafer pulled, Keuchel sent down

Lost in the shuffle of the best Independence Day since 1776 were a couple of interesting situations that developed with the team...

Jordan Schafer was pulled for a bonehead play (video in that link) that cost the Astros a run, and Mills got pissed:
"I just felt that play and behavior didn't match what we needed to get done and what everybody was doing. We came out of the gate busting our tails, guys were going first to third, first to third, and putting ourselves in position to score a lot of runs. His behavior didn't match what we needed to have done."

Schafer agreed, and when asked if there would be a problem going forward, responded:
"I need to go out and play hard and whatever happens, happens."

Okay, now, that's an interesting response. You could make a strong argument that Schafer's play and behavior hasn't matched what the Astros have needed to get done (though, lately, it's about on the level of what everyone else is doing). Personally, it'd be alright with me if Schafer was invited to check out what Oklahoma City was all about.

Since June 1, Schafer is "hitting" .184/.292/.250 with 28K in 89 PAs, and all that with a .271 BABIP - low, but not .184 low.


Also Dallas Keuchel was optioned to Oklahoma City in an effort to (according to Zachary Levine), help out the bullpen:
Keuchel must stay down in the minor leagues at least 10 days. But since the All-Star break comes within those 10 days, even if he is needed for the rotation, he could return without missing a start.

Still, that didn't sit well with Corpus SP Jarred Cosart, who tweeted:
Congrats Carlos lee on your new home. Keuchel to triple a? Is that serious, and then, Promotion and demotions must not be based on performance at all times. Keep doing work dallas

In response to another tweet, Cosart continued:
haha thanks for your concern. They could've sent two other deserving candidates down instead of Keuchel

Check out Cosart's timeline, it's, uh, interesting.

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Anonymous said...

One of Luhnow's next achievements should be to package Cosart in a deal. Don't need that type in the organization.