Friday, July 20, 2012

Meet the new PreStros

So, the Astros traded three guys you presumably knew, for a AStros load of players you've never heard of. Have no fear, Astros County is here to bring you up to speed. We're not going to discuss Cordero or Francisco, they've been around long enough.

Joseph Musgrove

Musgrove is a big right hander (6' 5", 230 lbs) and was a supplemental first round pick for Toronto in 2011, as compensation for losing John Buck. He projects as a major league workhorse and throws a hard, sinking fastball, a good breaking ball, and a splitter. He's shown to be a good, strike throwing control guy, too. His fastball reports to sit in the low 90's, but he can dial it up to 96-98 on occasion. His breaking ball is described as a hard, hammer curve and he's been working on a changeup, as well. Right now he projects as a #3 starter. He hasn't pitched since June 24th due to shoulder soreness, but it's not considered a long term concern. He's currently in the Appalachian League, where the Astros have an affiliate in Greeneville, TN. It's likely he'll just slide on over to Greeneville, but if the Astros feel like challenging the big righty, he could get promoted to Tri-City or even Lexington.

Asher Wojciechowski

Asher is another big righty (6' 4", 234 lbs) and was a supplemental pick for Toronto in 2010. He has a plus-potential fastball, an above average slider, and a developing change. He also projects as a workhorse, though he has the power arsenal to fall into a late inning reliever. He had a shaky 2011 season as Toronto tried to tinker with his mechanics, but once the Jays gave up that thought he quickly regained his success. However, his inability to adapt to a more fluid delivery is another indicator he may end up in a relief role long term. Asher is working through the Florida League right now, which is the same level as Houston's affiliate in Lancaster. Given Wojciechowski's age it wouldn't be that surprising to see him wind up in Corpus, though it would take some roster shuffling to fit him in.

David Rollins

Rollins is a local guy, drafted out of San Jacinto College North in the 24th round last year by Toronto. He had an impressive debut last year in seven starts, posting a 1.77 ERA and 9.67 K/BB ratio between rookie and short-season A ball. He has a decent fastball, slider, changeup mix, though his control has fallen off a bit this season. He's currently pitching in the Midwest league, where he's eighth in ERA, so the lateral shift would be to Lexington. Again, though, given his age a bump up a level wouldn't be unexpected.

Carlos Perez

Perez is described by Jeff Luhnow as a major league quality prospect at catcher. Signed out of Venezuela, Perez is an athletic, good running catcher with a solid arm and good defensive potential. He's not all glove, though, as he shows a good walk rate, a decreasing strikeout rate, and good doubles power as a spray, line drive hitter. He's been catching David Rollins in the Midwest league, so again he could end up in Lexington. 

Player to be named later

Of course, we have no idea the details surrounding the PTBNL. It's either tied to performance by the guys we let fly to Toronto, a late-signing 2011 draft pick (can't be traded until 12 months after they sign), or a 2012 pick (doubtful this soon after the draft). What we do know is that the last PTBNL Luhnow was able to pick up turned out to be a higher ceiling outfielder from Kansas City, so there's that.

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*Fangraphs just posted their own rundown of the new PreStros.