Saturday, July 21, 2012

Meet the New PreStros Part II: Moar PreStros!

About an hour ago, the Astros traded Brett Myers to the Chicago White Sox for two more minor league starters and another player to be named later. Then, they claimed another pitcher from San Diego. Let's look at them all now.

Matt Heidenreich

Matt is a tall, lanky righty starter (6' 5", 185 lbs) who was drafted out of high school in the fourth round by the White Sox in 2009. He features a low 90's sinking fastball, a slightly below average, and a slider than needs development. He shows good control, but needs to continue developing his secondary pitches in order to climb the ranks. His ceiling is projected as a number 4 starter. Heidenreich has three starts at the AA level, and will report to Corpus.

Blair Walters

Walters is a lefty starter (6' 2" 200 lbs) and was drafted in the 11th round in 2011. The was the Pioneer League Pitcher of the Year last season, when he went 9-0 as Great Falls took the league championship. He's struggled in five starts since being promoted to high A ball, but still shows outstanding peripheral stats. He'll need that to continue as he heads to Lancaster. He throws a 90 mph sinker, a "slutter", and a "meh" changeup and curve. He has a strong platoon split against lefties, so if he can't develop as a starter he'll likely be given a shot as a lefty specialist.


(Yes, this is mostly copy/pasted from yesterday.) Of course, we have no idea the details surrounding the PTBNL. It's either tied to Myers' performance in Chicago, a late-signing 2011 draft pick (can't be traded until 12 months after they sign), or a 2012 pick (doubtful this soon after the draft). What we do know is that the last PTBNL Luhnow was able to pick up turned out to be a higher ceiling outfielder from Kansas City, so there's that.

Mark Hamburger

Mark is a tall righty (6' 5" 195 lbs) and was signed after an open tryout for the Twins in 2007 after flashing a 93 mph four seam fastball. He also throws a splitter, curve, and changeup. He's a career reliever, and has five games of major league experience last season with Texas. He'll report to AAA Oklahoma City.

I pictured Luhnow's claim of Mark as going something like this.

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Anonymous said...

Kind of a boring trade so far. We can hope the PTBNL is the centerpiece I suppose.

On a side-note... You lose cool points purposely misspelling words. Moar. Really? This isn't the 90's anymoar...