Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Luhnow drops hints about Wallace, Paredes

In the latest edition of McTaggart's Notebook:

*Jeff Luhnow addresses the Brett Wallace mystery directly, saying Brett will be up for the "vast majority of the remainder of the season," but injury-related and other personnel moves that "may or may not occur the rest of this month" are being evaluated first.

*In a move that Astros fans on Twitter had already been contemplating, Jimmy Paredes may be moving to the outfield, since Altuve is "going to be with us for a while," says Luhnow. They also discussed him playing short, if needed due to Jed Lowrie's injury.

*If Lowrie is out for a long while, the team may look for outside help, but in the meantime, Marwin Gonzalez is your SS1.

*Lowrie and Jason Castro will be seeing doctors in Houston today.

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Anonymous said...

Leave marwin @ ss he's a great glove and line drive hitting machine and he doesn't strike out that much either and as for jimmy p put him in the outfield anywhere but i think he can be a great left fielder since jd will be our more then likely dh next season with his bad knees