Sunday, July 1, 2012

Jose Altuve, All-Star

Just one year removed from the Futures' Game, 2B Jose Altuve is the lone Astro to be named to the National League All-Star Team.

Whining about the All-Star Team isn't terribly productive, much less "cool," but Jed Lowrie's omission from the NL All-Star Team is a downright travesty. Rafael Furcal got the start, with Starlin Castro and Ian Desmond as the reserve shortstops. Let's take a look at this, shall we? (Stats valid before Sunday's games):

Lowrie: .259/.345/.482, .827 OPS, 14HR/33RBI, .362 wOBA, 2.6 WAR
Furcal: .281/.346/.376, .722 OPS; 5HR/31RBI, .321 wOBA, 1.5 WAR
Castro: .297/.318/.430, .748 OPS; 6HR/40RBI, .319 wOBA, 2.1 WAR
Desmond: .276/.308/.484, .792 OPS, 13H/43RBI, .338 wOBA, 2.6 WAR

Like I said, complaining that a 5th place team in the NL Central didn't get another player on the All-Star roster seems silly, but Lowrie deserves a spot.

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Anonymous said...

I'd say maybe he has a chance to be named as a replacement who decides not to go, but that's probably not likely in this case. And would be beside the point anyway. He deserves to go more than Castro and Desmond so should have got the nod over one of the two.

BTW, the captcha series as I'm posting this includes the word trade. Could that be a sign that a certain pending trade will be approved?