Friday, July 13, 2012

Former/future Astros on film

Astros fans may be interested to know about a pair of documentaries that have made their debut this week.

First, MLB Network last night debuted The Life and Death of Darryl Kile (preview here). It was 10 years ago last month that the former Astros pitcher passed away very suddenly and unexpectedly of a heart attack during the 2002 season. David Barron of the Chronicle and Christine Coleman of Aerys Sports both shared their thoughts on the documentary. It will air again at 4:00 pm CT tomorrow on MLB Network.

Second, today is the theatrical premiere of Ballplayer: Pelotero, which follows the journey of two 16-year-old Dominican baseball players as they are recruited and signed by MLB teams. One of the two is is Jean Carlos Batista, now a shortstop for the Greeneville Astros. Farmstros saw the film and provided a nice rundown over here.

Disclaimer that I haven't seen either of these yet myself, but you can read perspectives from those who have at the links above.