Friday, July 13, 2012

Draft signing deadline has passed

...and the entirely expected happened in Astros-land. Meaning, nothing. Is what happened.

Preston Tucker didn't sign, but Jim Callis confirms that he likely still will. Hunter Virant "can't wait to be a [UCLA] Bruin." And... that's it.

Assuming that Tucker (eventually) signs, it will be the second year in a row that Houston has inked all of their picks from the top 10 rounds. They'll end up with 31 of 41 picks signed, after they signed 30 of their top 40 picks last year.

Up next in Draft-land is the confusing-as-heck "Competitive Balance Lottery," giving 13 teams a shot a 6 extra (and tradeable!) picks between the 2nd and 3rd rounds of next year's draft. But the Astros aren't one of those lucky 13, so never mind about all that.

EDIT: And had I posted a moment later, I could have linked to this handy deadline day rundown from Zach Levine.


Anonymous said...

What's taking mr. tucker so long to sign any thoughts on that?

Anonymous said...

Somebody brought up the question on another site, that because Tucker is a college senior, he can sign after the deadline. That wasn't the question the commenter posted though. He questioned if there was a loophole where he could be signed later and it wouldn't affect the overage on the draft pool. Maybe the Astros wanted to sign him after the deadline to avoid being hit with that additional tax. Smart move if that's the case, but I really wanna see what this guy can do.

Cockroach said...

Many have asked why Tucker is taking so long to sign, and the best answer even the experts can provide is, "I don't know." Zach Levine just said Luhnow expects him to sign in the next week, though.

Pure speculation on my part, but I had wondered if the Astros might not have been holding off on signing Tucker until they saw what offers some of the high schoolers like Virant might have been willing to accept. That could have affected the amount of money they were willing to offer Tucker. Or maybe they offered Tucker an under-slot deal, and he asked to wait until after the deadline to see if the team needed those savings for other signings - if not, they could offer him more. We may never know for sure.