Thursday, July 12, 2012

Deadline Eve Draft Update

Slow news day for most of baseball as everyone awaits tomorrow's return to on-field action. However, 4:00 pm CT tomorrow is the signing deadline for the 2012 MLB Draft, so have a couple of notes on announcements we will (and won't) hear by tomorrow afternoon:

*Another captip to Native_Astro for the link, as Preston Tucker confirms the expected and sounds like he'll be signing:
"I am going back home for however many days I have left of summer. Then I am going out to play professional baseball. It shouldn't be too long (but) I am going to enjoy the next couple of days at home and then get right back into playing ball."
*Besides Tucker, Hunter Virant is the Astros' only other remaining unsigned draftee among their first 20 picks. But today he retweeted this from ESPN's Mike Rooney - from which we infer that Houston's 11th-round offer isn't "life-changing" enough to keep him away from UCLA.

*Many other unsigned draftees like Michael Clark (20th round) and C.J. Hinojosa (26th round) have already indicated that they're not signing, so it sounds like Tucker will be the only deadline deal.

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