Monday, July 2, 2012

Around the Dodgers blogs

To every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction: or the forces of two bodies on each other are always equal and are directed in opposite directions.
-Isaac Newton's Third Law of Motion

As we all (or, at least most of us) despaired over Carlos Lee's decision to finish what he started - which we tweeted, "The slow and steady murder of Astros fans' will to live" - it's worth checking the Dodgers blogs to see what they had to say about it.

Chad Moriyama:
You know how to tell that this trade is an iffy upgrade? When it’s even arguable as to whether a potential acquisition is an improvement over James Loney and Juan Rivera.

Lasorda's Lair:
As the days lingered on while everyone waited for Lee to discuss his options with his family, it became apparent that his reluctance signaled his desire to stay put. Although Lee has every right to veto the trade as stated in his contract, the prolonged wait on his decision was a bit bothersome for Houston and Dodger fans alike.

L.A. Dodger Talk:
P.S. If Carlos Lee is too stupid to want to go to a contender, screw him!

Mike Scioscia's Tragic Illness:
There’s also the case of Carlos Lee to consider, should he decide to accept a trade which most of us won’t like. (And we’ll like it even less if reports of the Dodgers eating most of the money and sending a decent prospect in Garrett Gould are true; that would be absurd.)

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