Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tuesday morning draft notes

Back after an unexpected absence yesterday, so let's just pretend it didn't happen...

6th Round pick Brett Phillips has signed. His deal includes a $300,000 signing bonus and a clause that the Astros will pay for his college tuition. Phillips will start out at Kissimmee in the GCL, according to his adviser (who also happens to be the son of his head coach):
“The plan is to get Brett into the system and fast track him through the minors."

25th Round pick Ryan Dineen will sign with the Astros. Dineen's now-former head coach Jim Schmitz:
“We feel awful losing him. Losing Ryan as a junior is really putting a big hole in our lineup."

33rd Round pick Mike Hauschild has signed, and will report to Greeneville. Hauschild:
“I didn’t have the year I wanted to at UD, but the Astros took a chance on me, and it took a huge load off my shoulders when I heard I’d get a chance.”

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