Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Signings starting to roll in

The Astros have a verbal agreement in place to sign 1-1 Carlos Correa, for what certainly seems like well under the $7.2m recommendation (which, again, would allow them to shift money to sign other picks - like Lance McCullers).

Jim Crane:
“We’ve approved the amount and we hope that he’ll sign this agreement and pass the physical tomorrow. We did it in a such a way that allowed us to pick up some other players that we really wanted and be able to stretch a little bit here or there.”

So not only did they sign the #1 overall pick with the entire short-season ahead of them, but they did it in a way that would allow them to make a run at their other players.

And on that note, the Astros have signed 3rd Round pick Brady Rodgers, out of Arizona State. Rodgers - the 96th pick of the draft - has a recommended slot of $495,200.