Monday, June 18, 2012

Notes from Lance McCullers presser

Without regurgitating everything that all of the Houston reporters have already said or will soon, here are a few notes from this afternoon's press conference officially announcing the Mickey Dolenz Lance McCullers signing:
  • McCullers will start the season with the GCL Astros, then move up to Greeneville if all goes well there.
  • He was wearing #41 - the overall pick used to draft both himself and his dad ('82).
  • Scott Boras said that history with Jeff Luhnow from his Cardinals days helped in negotiations, and they spent more time talking player development than dollars.
  • Boras compared McCullers' high school domination to Jered Weaver's in college.
  • Luhnow also mentioned the wave of guys that Houston now has coming through the minors from the last two drafts, hoping that many of them will reach the majors simultaneously, at which point he expects to have the resources to sign & keep guys here long term (referencing Houston's history with Bagwell & Biggio).

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