Saturday, June 9, 2012

More draft picks sign

Two more "unofficial" picks signed yesterday (meaning, news didn't come from

From KZTV, we also find that 9th Round pick Daniel Minor has signed for $50,000. Recommended slot for the 279th overall pick is $131,500. We'll do the math for you and tell you that the Astros saved $81,500 on this pick.
And from the Greensboro Times-Record we find that 37th Round pick Michael Dimock has signed.

Bobby Heck did confirm that eight more draft picks signed with the Astros yesterday:

5th Round pick Andrew Aplin
12th Round pick Terrell Joyce
13th Round pick Brian Holmes
14th Round pick Joe Sclafani
15th Round pick Erick Gonzalez
18th Round pick Ricky Gingras
30th Round pick John Neely
31st Round pick M.P. Cokinos

*With these updates, the Astros are currently $2,481,500 under their bonus pool.

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