Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Methinks Derrick Goold is minimizing Luhnow's impact on the Cardinals

...At least that's what it looks like.

From 2005 to 2011, the years Jeff Luhnow oversaw the draft, the Cardinals have had more drafted players reach the majors than any other team in the majors. This is a stat that the Cardinals will trumpet. It is not a stat that tells the whole story of the Cardinals draft. Quantity should not be a mask for quality...In other words, they draft a players who will contribute at the major-league level. They draft few who will star.

Read the whole thing for more context, but make of it what you will.


Anonymous said...

Seems fair enough. I personally think it is a valid criticism. However, it doesn't mean that he hasn't learned on the job, as it certainly appears he has followed a riskier, more upside philosophy with this draft.

Juvenile Court Clerk - Bryan Trostel said...

Considering they won the World Series last year with those players, it's a bit irrational to claim they don't have quality.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but they also had Pujols, Berkman, Holliday, and Carpenter carrying the load. None of them came through Luhnow's drafts. Sort of the point the way I read it at least: his picks have had greater certainty while not having the star quality to carry a championship team.