Monday, June 4, 2012

FanGraphs: Mark Appel makes sense for Houston

FanGraphs' J.P. Breen has a post up about Mark Appel and the #1 overall pick this evening.

Appel fits what the Astros need as an organization, and he also ranks as one of the top players available in the 2012 draft class. The pick makes sense for the organization. He also provides some certainty in terms of signability — much more so than fellow number-one-candidate Byron Buxton.

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Anonymous said...

The Astros organization, like every other organization in MLB needs a superstar. Saying that they should draft for a positional need is extremely suspect writing, but is nonetheless topped by the notion that Appel's other draw is his signability certainty. Price matters a lot in this draft. Boras. The article is a giant whiff.