Thursday, June 7, 2012

Carlos Correa officially signs

Everyone has been all over this already today, so there's really no point in providing a source other than "Houston media says..." but #1 overall pick Carlos Correa has officially signed with the Astros. There still isn't an official confirmation on how much he actually signed for - but I doubt there will be, unless it gets leaked. I don't think we're going to get any hard numbers on signing bonuses until after the deadline. Why? Since signing picks is basically now a subtraction issue: $11.2m - X - Y - Z = "My client wants $11.2m - (X+Y+Z)"

Kevin Goldstein addressed an interesting point, when he said that Correa's signing will have "Zero" impact on subsequent picks. That makes sense, because there's still a hard slot number with a penalty for going over the allotted sum.


Anonymous said...

i think he misread the question, thought the question was talking about other first rounders...i believe he agrees that at 4.8 million, that will have huge impact on others

Jay said...

I agree with Goldstein having an extra 2.4 mil to use on McCullers, Ruiz and Virant or all three will have no impact on getting atleast one of them to drop college commitments.

This is the same guy who said Luhnow's drafts weren't that impactful to the Cardinals success. Obviously Allen Craig and Jason Motte were total deadweight in last years playoffs.