Sunday, June 10, 2012

Astros finally complete Quintero/Bourgeois trade

The Astros have wrapped up the Quintero/Bourgeois trade by announcing that the Player To Be Named Later is the Royals' 2011 14th Round pick D'Andre Toney.

In short-season rookie ball in Arizona (which is apparently quite hitter-friendly) last season, Toney hit .340/.432/.587, with 28K:14BB and 22 XBH in 176 plate appearances. He was 7-for-18 on stolen bases.

Royal Review noted:
Hipster prospect guru Kevin Goldstein even labeled Toney as his sleeper prospect for the Royals system, citing his tools, average power potential, and plus speed as notches in Toney's belt. In addition to Goldstein's scouting report Toney is said to have a plus arm. Thanks to Toney's toolshed, I've seen him comped to Mike Cameron and even Ron Gant.

Pine Tar Press listed Toney as the Royals' Most Physical Position Player, and talked to his former head coach at Gulf Coast Community College:
”In my opinion D’Andre was the best player in the conference. He is very strong benching 300 lbs with good raw power that if he can develop his hit tool could become a 15-25 HR centerfielder. On defense Toney gets outstanding reads and jumps on the ball taking the proper path to the ball. His arm currently is a tick below average but could progress into a average tool as he develops.”