Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Lyles up, Carpenter down

With today's game a "Go" against Cliff Lee (dammit), Jordan Lyles will be your starter. Since he had to be brought up to Philadelphia, someone had to get sent down. And that someone is David Carpenter.

Carpenter has had his struggles, for sure. In five May games (6IP), Carpenter has posted a 6.00 ERA/2.67 WHIP, with 5K:5BB and has retired just nine of the last 25 batters he has faced. In May, he has recorded (according to Baseball-Reference) 17 flyball outs, seven line drive outs, and five groundball outs.

Perhaps you're surprised that it wasn't Fernando Abad, who at least managed to not give up a home last night. Abad has allowed six hits, four of them home runs, but it's been, you know, over a week since he gave one of those up, so...