Monday, May 7, 2012

Luhnow talks trades

Ken Rosenthal talked to Jeff Luhnow about whether the 13-15 Astros are going to be selling, and when...

“I think late this summer there will be demand for some of our players. We’ll have those conversations. But right now, we’re not actively pushing anything."

Of course there are other quotes you can read for yourself over at Rosenthal's piece. But we talked about this on Houston Gameday yesterday - at what point should the Astros look at selling? What if they're five games back in mid-July? What if they're ten games back? Do you trade Wandy - the clear SP1 of the staff - if the Astros are within striking distance? Or do you listen to all offers, and see what comes up? How close is too close?


Anonymous said...

Regarding Wandy: I still don't see why they would need to eat a lot of his salary to get value back. He is not overpaid relative to his performance. In fact, if he completes the year in the low to mid threes, the option for next year at 13 mil seems like a bargain.

It still amazes me how little respect he gets. He is of the most under-rated pitchers around. It is like the bias against small pitchers continues to exist even after they have proven themselves for years at the top level.

Anonymous said...

I think Wandy and Wilton Lopez can and will bring back some good prospects. Other than that I dont think we have anything anybody else would want (unless Myers goes lights out, but I doubt it), excluding the up and coming guys like Altuve, Martinez and Lowrie. Im not sure how untouchable Lowrie is though. Not sure how untouchable Bud is either for that matter. Both would fetch a plus return, but I'd think the FO wants them around for at least another year.