Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Kyle Weiland update

Zachary Levine has an update on Kyle Weiland's shoulder, which was initially thought to be bursitis, but is of course all nasty and gross with infection.

Jeff Luhnow:
”If he has to be treated for an infection, he has to be treated for an antibiotic course and we don’t know how long that would take and how much he can do during that time and how long it will be before he’s ready to throw again in games.”

While it's unlikely (to put it mildly) that Weiland will be ready in time for when the Astros would need their 5th starter - May 8 - the pitcher replacing him cannot be Jordan Lyles, as a player has to stay in the minors 10 days before he can be recalled. So the OKC pitcher lined up to pitch on regular rest on May 8 would be Paul Clemens.

In other news, Mills expects Jordan Schafer to play today, and Rhiner Cruz has been placed on the DL, with Enerio Del Rosario being recalled from OKC to take his roster spot.

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