Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Jordan Schafer hurts

Jordan Schafer sent a couple of tweets this morning, six minutes, apart (6:46 and 6:52am, respectively), where he's apparently in some pain (combined to make one easier-to-read sentence):

I don't think I've ever been in this much pain!!!!!! This is seriously beyond terrible, atleast I got 10 min of sleep last night.....

A few days ago, Schafer left the game with a lower leg muscle strain after hurdling over Justin Maxwell, and returned to the lineup last night for the first time since the injury, batting 8th. He went 0x3, seeing nine pitches, last night.

Update: Zachary Levine brings the info, referring to Schafer's injury as a "flare-up of an old toe injury."

When he was examined this morning, the injury was deemed largely insignificant.

Tell that to Jordan Schafer, who got 10 minutes of sleep.

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