Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Jeff Bagwell apparently went to rehab

Okay, so you remember the whole Rachel Brown/Dr. Michael Brown thing, right? They're getting a divorce - he's a douche and is allegedly violent; she's been "seeing" Jeff Bagwell for a while now, one apparent reason for Jeff Bagwell's divorce from his wife. Well, today was the first of two days of hearings related to the divorce of the Browns' divorce, relating to their children.

Her relationship with Bagwell came up, where it was acknowledged that they have taken several trips together, intend to move in together at a future (unspecified) date, that they're in love, and one day hope to marry.

Then, almost as a throw-away line at the end of the recap:
She confirmed that she accompanied Bagwell when he recently left a rehabilitation facility where he was being treated for alcohol abuse before he completed the program.

/Slow whistle...

Okay, some updates. And, hey, I know. This sucks. It's not fun to talk about. It wouldn't be fun to talk about with anyone, much less one of the Greatest Astros of All Time. Still, it seems as though Bagwell did not complete the course of treatment in rehab.


Anonymous said...

Jeff Bagwell is the best person! He is a great father and was a great husband. Just because he had some issues with alcohol does not mean he is a bad person. Show some respect

Anonymous said...

I was in treatment with him in atlanta ga from november 2011-march 2012 but he left in january, great guy.. Was there for 45ish days, but seems to have a lot going on and had to leave, great guy and real down to earth