Thursday, May 31, 2012


It doesn't happen often, but this morning AC got an email from a reader in Winnie:

Q: Hey, y'all haven't posted much lately. What the hell?

A: It's because we're busy planning the rollout of Astros County: Winnie.

Ahh, I jest. But seriously, we are but humble bloggers, with actual jobs. And when Trostel isn't getting shoutouts from Morgan Ensberg, he's got a bunch of stuff going on. McQuid also has a ton of Real Life getting in the way. Also, perhaps you know this, but The Constable and Wife are having a baby in the next month or so. So there are going to be periods of inactivity here and there while we deal with the stuff that pays the bills and keeps our marriages together.

That said, next week is going to be all about the draft (as well as minor-league recaps and game recaps). There will be saturation coverage all three days, including a Live-Chat scheduled for the 1st Round. It'll get better, but please bear with us.

Also, if you're interested in writing for AC, shoot us an email at astroscounty (at)

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