Thursday, May 3, 2012

A collection of reactions to the Astros' sweep of the Mets

No one in New York is particularly happy about the Mets' performance in Houston over the last three days. Here's what they're saying:

The Times Herald-Record headline: Mets swept by sorry 'Stros.

Mets SP Chris Schwinden:
"I made a couple of bad pitches, and they got hammered. I thought today was going to be a little different, but I left a couple of balls up in the zone, and it changed the whole day."

Manager Terry Collins:
"You are going to have ups and downs, and this was a down. They played great, they pitched great. As I said last night, we were 0-2 a lot of at bats. It’s tough to hit when you’re behind so far. That’s a credit to the way they pitched. They got ahead in the count and made good pitches. They out pitched us and out hit us…When you pitch behind in the count, you better have plus stuff."

Faith and Fear in Flushing:
Ignominious way to say goodbye to good ol’ Houston, where the next time we visit, it will be as an Interleague or, if you’ll excuse the expression, World Series opponent. The shifting of the Astros away from our annual travel itinerary is a shame in that anything that shreds the comforting regularity from our communal routines is a shame. (There's actually quite a nice send-off to the Astros by the Faith and Fear in Flushing, so go over and read the whole thing).

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Greg Prince said...

Appreciate the link to our fare-thee-well to Houston, as it were. I always like when bloggers of one team recognize bloggers of another team are paying their respects, not taking shots. We went a little deeper on the subject of the Mets and 'Stros during the offseason if you're interested:

Best of luck the rest of the National League way, save for a series at Citi Field in August.