Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Buxton is "the best player I've scouted"

The Tacoma News-Tribune's John McGrath talked to scouts about some of the possible 1-1s in next week's draft, and the scout who talked about Byron Buxton needs to get the drool off his chin:

A National League scout told Baseball America that Buxton is “probably the best player I’ve scouted.” The scout wasn’t referring to this year. He was referring to the best player he’s scouted, period. “It’s the best tool package I’ve seen in 10 years, and he has the potential to hit,” the scout continued. “This kind of athlete doesn’t play our sport. He’s unique to our game. The ones we get don’t have a feel for the game. This guy does.”

And WSAV (Savannah) has this interview with Buxton:

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Imasalmon said...

So, a scout is saying that Athletes who get drafted to play the game that he or she scouts for, don't have a feel for baseball? I am not sure this person is a baseball scout.