Tuesday, April 10, 2012

When 'With all due respect' is fairly disrespectful

Perhaps I'm being over-sensitive. I mean, I certainly didn't expect the Astros to be 3-1. They didn't win their 3rd game until Game 11 in 2011, or Game 12 in 2010. And the Astros have a longer recent history of being flat-out ignorant than they do of being a "Good Franchise."

Public perception is what it is, and the Astros earned the joke status they have carried over into 2012, largely because of their actions from 2007-11. The Astros have become the team you measure yourself against, but not in a good way. They're the, "If we don't beat the Astros, we've got some real problems" franchise - Everybody's homecoming.

Still, Rockies and Braves fans are collectively tearing their hair out because the Astros' record is at their expense.

Mile High Sports:
Sure, the Rockies are a disappointing 1-2, having dropped their last two games to the lowly Houston Astros, but they aren’t alone when it comes to getting the season off to a slow start...

Tomahawk Take:
With all due respect to an Astros franchise devoid of talent because of bad management and horrible contracts over the past seven years, they are essentially a AAAA team in mass rebuilding mode. The only recognizable major league talent in their lineup last night were the aging, lumbering Carlos Lee, Atlanta reject Jordan Schafer and pitcher J. A. Happ. If they win more than 75 games this year they will consider it a success. Contending teams should take every series against them yet, they were the team that played competent, solid, fundamental baseball while the Braves looked like a trailer for the new Three Stooges movie.

Well, that's not very respectful, at all.

I get it, I really do. But I wonder how many wins it's going to take - if any - for the Astros to make it back in everyone else's eyes. Or if that even matters to anyone, at all.


Anonymous said...

Haters gonna hate.

cockroach said...

Translation: "only recognizable major league talent" means "the only names we recognize from watching SportsCenter." Disrespectful indeed.

Patrick said...

"If they win more than 75 games this year they will consider it a success"

I actually agree with this statement. If we win exactly 75 games this season will be a success.

However, that guy needs to look in the mirror. I'm not so sure the Braves are a contending team with a rotation full of injury riddled or unproven pitchers and a bullpen that was well overworked in 2011