Thursday, April 5, 2012

Wandy won't necessarily go out of his way to help you

There's a funny little quote from J.D. Martinez on Wandy Rodriguez, the longest-tenured Astro.

"He's not afraid to help you. Not so much that he'll go out of his way, but if he sees something, he'll talk to you if he sees you down and he'll tell you something. It's always nice to have guys like that. If he sees something, he'll let you know, but he's not an all-over-the-top-of-you type of guy, which is cool."

Here are your longest-tenured Astros:
1. Wandy - 2005
2. Carlos Lee - 2007
3. Wesley Wright - 2008
4. Bud Norris - July 29, 2009
5. Chris Johnson - Sept 9, 2009

They're the only players on the Opening Day roster to make their team debut prior to 2010.

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