Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Skeeters may just be the first step in Atlantic League domination of the Houston area

So the Sugar Land Skeeters (I still think they missed a golden opportunity by not calling them the Sugar Kings. Skeeters? Give me a break.) open their inaugural season, with some former PreStros on the bench, and Gary Gaetti at the helm.

Drayton rejected the idea of the Skeeters coming in as an affiliate, saying that having a team so close to the Astros would hurt his attendance. So the Atlantic League came calling. And in the York Dispatch, we find that the Atlantic League may not be done with the Houston area. Opening Day Partners Chairman Peter Kirk says plans are for an eight-team Eastern and an eight-team Western Division, and that already there are "a couple" of communities in Houston inquiring about adding an Atlantic League team.

Manager Gary Gaetti:
"The Houston area is certainly big enough to handle two (pro) teams, possibly three. It's such a big baseball town. I'm not expecting any problems in terms of competition."

So, we'll see what happens, but Drayton could have prevented this from even being an issue. If it will be one, at all.

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The Morning Coffee Mix - KFEE Digital Radio said...

I have heard both Baytown and The Woodlands mentioned as the places thry have had some discusions with.