Saturday, April 14, 2012

Crane tours Marlins Park, will submit a new uniform soon has an article up on Jim Crane, whose Floridian Golf Club is in Palm City.

Jason Castro is quite excited to have Crane as the owner:
"We've had a little bit of interaction with him and I'm really impressed with everything I've seen. He definitely knows the direction he wants to go with the club and it's exciting to be a part of this right now."

Crane, on any imminent changes:
"I can continue (to say) we haven't made the decision yet, but we're going to submit something to see if we can get it approved. Yes, we're still working on it."

And, in a breath of fresh air, Crane had this to say on what to expect from his touring:
" year with all the information we'll get from the ballparks, continue to work on improving our staff and improve things at our place. Of course (Luhnow) will constantly be working with his staff. We'll run the business side and let him run the baseball side and hopefully we can win some more ball games.

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