Monday, April 16, 2012

Bogusevic, So Far

Let's take a look at Brian Bogusevic's PAs (all 35 of them so far):

Right Side
Groundout: 5
Hit: 2
Pop-Up: 1
Reach on Error: 1

Groundout: 5
Lineout: 2

Left Side
Groundout: 2
Hit: 1
Home Run: 1
Flyout: 1
Reach on Error: 1

Walk: 4
Strikeout Swinging: 3
Strikeout Looking: 2
HBP: 1

Draw from this whatever you will; That's 25 plate appearances - by no means enough to make a serious judgment, but enough to judge what's happened so far - that ended in contact. 19 of those PAs ended on the right side or the middle, and ten of those on the ground. Two of his hits (and his HR), however, came on the left side of the field. Fact is, Bogusevic has been on base eleven times in his 35PAs - four through hits, four through walks, one through HBP, and one through HBP.

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Anonymous said...

just from the numbers you provided i count 9.