Sunday, April 1, 2012

Actually, "Brandon Lyon Surgery" sounds pretty cool

Brandon Lyon doesn't want to be known for his crazy surgery last year, which had no precedent, and no predictor of success.

“They didn’t have any people who’d had this surgery. They didn’t have any research on what to expect or how it would feel. They were kind of in contact with me to see what my progression was so that they had some database for that when someone else had that surgery.”

More Lyon:
“It’s obviously not feeling like there’s nothing going on with my arm. I still have a lot of strength to build up and a lot of things I’ve got to still do. But it’s the best I’ve felt this part of spring training since I’ve been here in Houston.”

Oh, that's good. You know, because this is his third Spring Training. In 2010 he had a cyst in his throwing shoulder. And in 2011 he was on his way to having the crazy-ass surgery that had never been done before.