Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spring Training Stats Check-In

The Astros only have a handful of guys with >10ABs, but let's just take a look and see how things are stacking up:

Jordan Schafer (15ABs): .333/.333/.467, 2K:0BB, 4R
Chris Johnson (14ABs): .286/.286/.571, 3K:0BB, HR
J.D. Martinez (14ABs): .357/.375/.786, 3K:1BB, 8RBI
Jose Altuve (13ABs): .308/.308/.385, 2K:0BB
Jason Bourgeois (12ABs): .250/.308/.333, 2K:0BB
Matt Downs (12ABs): .417/.417/.667, 1K:0BB
Marwin Gonzalez (12ABs): .083/.154/.083, 2K:1BB
Fernando Martinez (12ABs): .250/.308/.583, 4K:1BB, HR
Brad Snyder (12ABs): .250/.308/.500, 3K:1BB
Brett Wallace (12ABs): .083/.214/.083, 3K:2BB
Jason Castro (10ABs): .400/.455/.500, 2K:1BB
Jack Cust (10ABs): .000/.231/.000, 3K:3BB
Jed Lowrie (10ABs): .300/.462/.500, 1K:3BB
Chris Snyder (10ABs): .400/.455/1.100, 1K:1BB, 2HR

Other notables:
Carlos Lee (9ABs): .222/.222/.222
Brian Bogusevic (9ABs): .111/.333/.111, 3K:2BB, 3SB

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Anonymous said...

If Wallace makes the club, so help me...