Thursday, March 8, 2012

Idiots win, Luhnow has to send an apology to Texas

So Jeff Luhnow had to send a completely unnecessary apology to Jon Daniels and Nolan Ryan for the Drunken Sailors comment.

“I reached out to Jon and to Nolan because it was taken out of context. I don’t know what they heard, but I did reach out to them and explained that it was not a dig against that organization because they’ve done a great job there.”

It seems as though Evan Grant, the Rangers beat reporter for the Dallas Morning-News, took more offense at it than anybody else, when he tweeted:
I find Luhnow's approach to scouting, player development and general respect of the game pretty insulting.

Grant didn't even like that Luhnow was at the Sloan Sports Analytics Conference to begin with:
Leaving first spring training to speak at conference speaks of misplaced priorities.

Or this gem, to Ted Price:
Have you figured out the WATTS (Wins Above Tea-Totaling Sailors) formula yet?

How about these?
(Part I):
Didn't see Fraley's report on Astros GM saying Rangers spending like "drunken sailors" in Latin America. Reaction: Win a game as GM first.

(Part II):
If I hadn't made this clear: It's ultimate arrogance to speak as expert at sports analytic conference before helming a single game as a GM.

(Part III):
You lose credibility to me when you take shots at others to justify your success.

(Part IV):
Guy rubs me wrong way.

(Part V):
He was part of organization in STL. Let's not give him all the credit.

So, Evan Grant wins. I guess.