Thursday, March 22, 2012

Five players cut

Farmstros has a list of five minor-leaguers who were cut this week:

Wander Alvino
Jordan Comadena
Bryce Lane
Mike Ness
Jose Vargas
Bubby Williams

What the Heck, Bobby also says that former A&M catcher Kevin Gonzalez voluntarily retired.

Comadena was obviously an AC favorite, and Bubby Williams won the 2nd annual Adopt-A-Player poll.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to see Comadena go - as I posted last year, he was one of the few Lancaster players who didn't wander around the field like a zombie.....too bad he doesn't have the talent of some of his teammates, because he sure had the right attitude - perhaps he'll be called back to fill in at some point this year.