Thursday, March 22, 2012

Brian McTaggart guesses the Opening Day roster

Over here, Brian McTaggart makes some predictions about the Opening Day roster. Click the link for full explanations, but it's as follows:

Catchers: Castro, Snyder
Infielders: Lee, Altuve, Johnson, Lowrie, Downs, Wallace
Outfielders: J.D. Martinez, Schafer, Bogusevic, Shuck, Buck
Rotation: Wandy, Norris, Happ, Livan, Weiland
Bullpen: Myers, Lopez, Carpenter, F-Rod, Lyon, Abad, Duke.

Notice a couple of things about this: Both Rule 5 picks (Marwin Gonzalez, Rhiner Cruz) are projected to go back to their respected teams. Also, Jordan Lyles and Jimmy Paredes are projected to go back to OKC for more seasoning. If true, that's a half-season of service time burned right the hell up.


Anonymous said...

Keeping Lyles and Paredes on the big league roster now doesn't do anything to fix the mistake of Wade rushing them to the majors last year. A half season for Lyles and a full season for Paredes in AAA is probably for the best.

Anonymous said...

From purely a time standpoint it was a waste for Lyles and Paredes to play last year. However, giving those 2 young guys a taste of the majors and a goal to work for should be incentive for them to work their tails off and to work at being the best. I actually think it could be a great motivational tool...

Denny Ingles said...

I'm actually liking the look of that roster. Bullpen could use a little tweaking.