Thursday, March 22, 2012

Astros valued at $549m

The Astros' value went up 16%, increasing the dollar-figure to a roundabout $549m, according to Forbes.

Of course, Crane bought the franchise (and a stake in the RSN) for $610m last year. Among the statistics presented by Forbes, the franchise's revenue is $196m. Let's take a look:

YearValRev.OpIncGate+/i %D/V

Val = Value (obviously)
Rev = Revenue
OpInc = Operating Income
Gate = Gate Receipts
+/- % = 1-yr Value Change
D/V = Debt/Value (Includes Stadium Debt)

Do with this what you will, but from 2006-11 the value of the franchise has increased from $442m to $549m, an increase of 24.2%.

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Anonymous said...

Another thing to notice is that our debt/value ratio increased 342% (12% to 41%). Let's hope this will not affect the willingness to spend in the draft. Also let's see if the effect of moving to the AL will effect the value of the franchise in the upcoming years.