Monday, February 6, 2012

Want to buy Tal Smith's house?

Thanks to comrade Tim at The Crawfish Boxes, we find this real estate listing, on the west side. Why do we care about a 7,744-square foot house? Is it because it has an elevator? Yes. Is it because it has a "mosquito system?" Yes! Is it because it's Tal Smith's old house? YES! I guess Tal is pulling up stakes and heading off to bigger and better things, as long as they relate to arbitration hearings.

The listing (and Tim) points out: the property is valued at $1.96 million, yet Tal wants $3.2 million. That's the Tal Smithiest thing I've read in quite some time. We're assuming the sale will go to arbitration, and Ed Wade will end up paying $3.2m for a house he doesn't even want.

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Anonymous said...

And you can see photos of the inside of Tal's house here. The house is filled with baseball paraphanalia and design details...a base inlaid into the wood floor, a baseball stained glass window. And I think if you squint, you can see a tiny hill in the back of the game room for visitors to trip on.