Monday, February 20, 2012

A Rundown of the Catchers

With Mike Kvasnicka moving back behind the plate, let's take a look at who's in the pipeline behind the plate in the organization, shall we?

Jason Castro (24 years old) - 2011: N/A, Injuries
Chris Snyder (31) - .271/.376/.396 in 119 PAs for Pittsburgh
Humberto Quintero (32) - .240/.258/.317 in 272 PAs for Houston
Carlos Corporan (28) - .188/.253/.253 in 173 PAs for Houston
Chris Wallace (23) - .271/.343/.507 in 411 PAs for Lexington/Corpus
Mike Kvasnicka (23) - .260/.328/.368 in 536 PAs for Lexington
Rene Garcia (21) - .242/.288/.303 in 326 PAs for Lancaster
Ben Heath (23) - .252/.310/.408 in 365 PAs for Lexington/Lancaster
Jordan Comadena (26) - .295/.389/.432 in 115 PAs for Lancaster
Roberto Pena (19) - .217/.266/.310 in 308 PAs for Lexington
Miles Hamblin (23) - .264/.346/.398 in 229 PAs for Tri-City
Ryan McCurdy (24) - .320/.385/.379 in 119 PAs for Tri-City (and 1PA in Lexington)
Bubby Williams (22) - .206/.223/.397 in 139 PAs for Tri-City
Luis Alvarez (21) - .271/.353/.376 in 151 PAs for Greeneville
Ernesto Genoves (20) - .280/.375/.464 in 144 PAs for Greeneville
Cristian Moronta (22) - .242/.242/.303 in 33 PAs for Greeneville

That's about as far as we need to go right now. If I were to eyeball the rankings of the Top 5 catchers (after we get through Castro, Snyder, and Quintero), it would probably be as follows:

1. Chris Wallace
2. Ben Heath
3. Mike Kvasnicka
4. Mikes Hamblin
5. Ryan McCurdy

What say you?


Brian West said...

Kvasnicka needs to have a decent year before you can rate him. Another meh year and the Astros might even set him free.

Jordan Comadena, Miles Hamblin, Luis Alvarez and Ernesto Genoves look like they know how to take a walk.

Terence said...

Hamblin and McCurdy are awfully old for their level. Based on age, I would put Genoves ahead of those two.

Reuben said...

Roberto Pena was young for his level. I've heard good things about him; has a good glove and the bat may come around.

pacbellpilgrim said...

I'd put Kvasnicka ahead of Heath, barely.

I agree with Reuben - Pena should be in the mix, even though he is several years away.

Astros County said...

I think you're all seeing why I shy away from prospect rankings.

Steve Duer said...

Look at baseball reference for Caught Stealing % and pass ball for 2011 for those guys and see if your rankings change any.

I put Pena #1 right now.

Juvenile Court Clerk - Bryan Trostel said...

Wow, I go offline for a couple days and I see The Constable trying to rank prospects? Here's how I've got them:

1. Wallace
2. Heath


3. Kvasnicka (assuming he gets his footwork straightened out)


4. Genoves/Alvarez
5. Hamblin/Pena

Obviously these rankings can change dramatically over the course of the 2012 season. Someone may break out and someone else may break his leg.

Kvasnicka has the arm and athleticism to play behind the dish, but he's raw as he only has essentially one college season of experience.

The Greeneville Venezuelan Duo both show promise but it's hard to really gauge either off a couple hundred plate appearances state-side.

Hamblin wasn't really heralded coming out of college, but he had a good debut. He's the most likely to make a strong move this season, but his age means he's got to move quick to catch up.

Pena looks outstanding from a defensive standpoint and was younger than most of his Sally League opponents. There's a lot to work on offensively, though.

Comadena had a nice small sample size jump in 2011, but overall he's only caught 15% of attempted steals and over 300 PA only has a line of .221/.320/.308. And he's 26 and has never played about high A. He's a great guy, but I don't see a future at catcher.

Funky, if you're reading this, we still love ya.

Anonymous said...

People seem to be discounting Garcia. I think there is a reason that those who see him most (the Astros mgmt), keep pushing him at a rapid pace. I have more faith in their opinion than of those just perusing slash lines.

Anonymous said...

I go with Pena. Just 19 and catchers coach said he is the best right now and the team know he has some pop at the plate. I go with him

Anonymous said...

4- Tha's All

Kvasnicka is A Big ? If He Can Catch.
Heath Can't Catch
Comadena Is 26 Class A Filler
Mcurdy is 24 and short on tools.
alvarez has had injurys
genoves still young but not much there.

Anonymous said...

Thats true. Heath cant get no outs. I might crawl an still make it. I would say 1. Pena 2. Garcia 3. Wallace Wallace can flatout hit. Theres no doubt bout that but he couldnt get runners at AA. I still think he will be a good first baseman even DH cus they will join the american league next year i guess.