Friday, February 10, 2012

Oooh, yesterday was quite interesting

Zachary Levine's new article from yesterday tells us many plethoras of things:

-Jed Lowrie is not going to relax simply because there isn't anybody ready to take his spot:
“Even though it might seem like I have a defined role right now with this team, it’s about beating the other guys. There’s a comfort in that, but you can’t relax.”

-J.D. Martinez has bulked up from 206lbs at the end of 2011 to 228lbs now.

-Luhnow is headed to the Dominican on Sunday to meet with scouts and reassure them of their importance:
“It’s just important that they know how important the Latin program is to us here in Houston and going there and spending a few days with them, I think, will signal that.”


Anonymous said...

Holy crap! 22 lbs?! I hope that's muscle and I hope he doesn't test positive. If it is muscle though, that's exciting!

Anonymous said...

The article mentions that Martinez loses weight during the course of the season and ended last season at 206. It doesn't say how much he weighed at the beginning of 2011, but it may have been something close to what he is now.