Monday, February 13, 2012

Mike Foltynewicz: "Professional Target-Hitter"

Here's a nice article from 2010 1st Round pick Mike Foltynewicz' hometown paper.

“Early in games I can hit 96 to 97 (mph). In later innings, it’s maybe 92 or 94. But what the gun says doesn’t matter. What they want me to do is maintain my velocity. They don’t care as much how hard I throw it, they want me to hit spots. I have become a professional target hitter. I have to be able to hit the outside corner or put the curve in the dirt if I need to. Even when I play catch now, I try to hit the other guy in the chest every time."

According to Foltynewicz (within the article), he'll probably start the season at Lexington, but will not be heading to Lancaster, skipping - when the time comes - to Corpus.

“Lancaster is a bad area for pitchers. The wind blows out 40-50 mph at night and a pitcher can get mentally unfocused out there. They tend not to send pitchers there that they drafted high.”

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