Thursday, February 9, 2012

Lookout Landing brings the noise

Jeff Sullivan brings the noise about the Astros in a post titled, "The Worst Team Ever Projected?"

This stems from CAIRO projecting the 2012 Astros to go 60-102 - and from the list of projections compiled, that's the worst projection. Maybe ever.

But get through all the ugly, and you read this:
The Astros are in the hands of smart people, and in time, smart people usually build competitive teams. It's just ... it's probably going to be a while. Keith Law just ranked the Astros' farm system No. 27 in baseball. And CAIRO just ranked the Astros' major league product as one of the very worst that a projection system's ever seen. Steps forward have been made. There are a lot more steps.


Terence said...

I would love to see an Astros County projection for this team. I have no hope that this team will be good, but I certainly think we're better than last season and significantly better than 60-102. Last year Sanchez, Hall, Keppinger, Michaels, Inglett, Towles, Corporan, Cancel combined for 1200 PA's. That's 20% of our offensive chances, and we've made significant upgrades offensively and defensively at every one of those positions. Right?

Juvenile Court Clerk - Bryan Trostel said...

Funny you should mention an AC projection. Stay tuned...