Monday, February 13, 2012

First 50 games will determine Lee's market

Jeff Luhnow talked to Jon (Paul?) Morosi over the weekend for an article about Five Teams Already Planning for 2013.

Part of that is listening to calls on Carlos Lee:
“If he gets off to a good start, and clubs feel like he’s someone they need for the stretch run, I’m sure we’re going to get calls. And we’re certainly going to be answering the phone.”

UPDATE: In response to the comment, here are Carlos Lee's first 50 games for the past three seasons:
2011: .251/.284/.387, 4HR/27RBI
2010: .206/.239/.330, 5HR/21RBI
2009: .319/.370/.532, 9HR/31RBI

What about Wandy?
"We’re looking at how we can get good and stay good. If we get an offer for Wandy that gives us an opportunity to improve the ballclub, we’ll look at it. But we’re not actively trying to get rid of him. He’s an important part of our plan for next year."

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Terence said...

That's bad news considering how Carlos has played the first 50 the last two seasons.