Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Drew Locke signs with Sugar Land

Courtesy of Farmstros, we learn that former Eddie's Farmhand Drew Locke has signed with the Sugar Land Skeeters.

Locke, a former Rule 5 pick of the Astros, spent 2009-11 with the Astros (09 with Corpus, 10-11 with Round Rock/OKC), hitting .272/.337/.458 in Triple-A, and sported a .297/.357/.480 minor-league career line.


Warren said...

He might be a better hitter than most of the slugs they have in the minors now. Probably could match Bogusevic and a couple others on the Astros . He got caught up in a numbers game with Houston. Intersting that he would play locally. Do not believe he is from this area. Maybe he still thinks he could get back with the organization considering how many weak hitting outfielders we have.

Terence said...

I don't know if I would say that he could match Bogusevic. Both have over 900 AB's at AAA the last two seasons and one kept getting promoted and one didn't. Besides being younger, LH, and having spent fewer seasons in the minors as an OF, Bogusevic hit for better avg., had higher OBP, stole more bases, and presumably played better defense.

I also wouldn't call our minor league outfielders slugs. It looks like the starters in OKC this year will be Shuck,F-Mart, and Ruggiano. Three guys who are younger and who posted the same numbers in the majors last year that Locke posted in AAA.

Our AA starting outfeild will be three of Springer, Santana, Nash, and Wates, 4 of the top 13 prospects in the organization. When you have to repeat AAA as a 28 year old and you regress, it's really hard to hold on to a job.